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Wellness & Spa at the Hotel Garni Romantik

The Hotel Garni Haus Romantik offers you an extensive wellness area to relax and unwind. Enjoy the relaxing effect of the different saunas.

Simply relax with the following offers:
  • Organic herbal sauna to relax the muscles after exercising
  • Finnish sauna with large window fronts with uninterrupted views over the Zillertal
  • Relaxation room with waterbeds - the room of silence
  • Rest area with panoramic views and loungers
  • Fresh air area with cozy lounge and stunning views
  • exquisite teas at the juice bar
  • Infrared chairs with soothing heat for the back area
  • Opening times are posted

Sauna – Fire – Life

The element fire stands for life, for vitality and for pure energy.

Feel for your self the positive influence the heat will have on your body.